Dividend share KLSE 2017

[June topic: high dividend series] – you recommend, I analyze!
WeShareWeTrade decided to launch a high dividend series in June after the team launched a small series every month!
We will share a high dividend company every day in June and analyze whether these companies are suitable for long-term dividends to raise your passive income! That is, we will share and analyze 30 companies!
Will we share the thirty companies? We will analyze The Edge Malaysia finishing the 20 high dividend companies, the other 10 by you call the shots! You only need to comment comment recommend high dividend company name, our team will screen 10 and make an analysis in June.
A perfect portfolio must have at least one or two stable to no friends of the high-yield stocks to run together. So be sure to high-interest stocks this good Kang head to share with you like to buy shares to buy friends know, or really no friends. Haha, hope readers are much support! Share to share!
This is a 30-day homework share, you can expect the team in the next 30 days will be very busy, if asked at least thirty share should not be too much right: P hehe
The Edge Malaysia (# 1162) finishing the top 20 high dividend companies (dividends, net profit and positive cash flow over the past 10 years)

1. STAR (6084)

2. FPI (9172)

3. UCHITEC (7100)

4. MAGNUM (3859)

5. APOLLO (6432)

6. CSCENIC (7202)

7. BAT (4162)

8. TWRREIT (5111)

9. BJTOTO (1562)

10. FIMACOR (3107)

11. PERSTIM (5436)

12. HEIM (3255)

13. TASEK (4448)

14. HUPSENG (5024)

15. CYL (7157)

16. KFIMA (6491)

17. DLADY (3026)

18. LUXCHEM (5143)

19. MAGNI (7087)

20. WELLCAL (7231)


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